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Reggie Mckiver

Holistic Guidance Coach 


Reggie Mckiver|
Holistic Guidance Coach

Reggie Mckiver is Holistic Intuitive & teacher who has a unique gift to be able ignite instant life transformation by showing you how to clear the energy of your past; push through the obstacles of your present; and get you on the journey to your new reality of living the life you want. Through eye opening exercises, powerful meditations, one on one sessions and more, Reggie helps you to create a new Life Vision filled with clarity, purpose and possibilities that will increase joy, health, wealth and self fulfillment. Reggie is also successful Herbalist & Spiritual Mentor and entrepreneur and has served his global clientele for almost 20 years. He truly loves to give you the tools that will change your mindset so you can have the life that you deserve with ease & grace.