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La Shanda

Speaker & Author

LaShanda Michelle is a best-selling novelist and speaker who shares the message of God’s love by presenting characters who face real life struggles and overcome them through a biblical application and God’s grace. A native of Huntsville, Texas, she is an Air Force veteran who currently lives in Virginia Beach, VA.

Speaker Topics


Spiritual Betrothing:
How I Allowed God To Arrange My Marriage & How You Can Too!
LaShanda recalls one of her life’s most intense battles of faith during this dynamic presentation. She delivers a power combination of faith, scripture, and humor to deliver a powerful message of hope and wisdom to singles who desire to be married. 

Let No Man Put Asunder:
Taken from one of her best-selling novels,
LaShanda presents informative speeches and workshops that address the trials young marriages face. Topics include the established roles of husband and wife, dealing with in-laws, leaving and cleaving, struggling with temptation, unity in marriage, and forgiveness--and it all has a biblical perspective.

Writing For God:
As a best-selling novelist with seven Christian titles to her credit, LaShanda knows how to craft a captivating story that delivers a godly message. In this presentation, she shares the highs and lows of being a Christian author, and the motivating factors that keep her delivering more. Listeners will walk away encouraged in their call to write for God. 
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